The World’s First 3D-Printed Building Now Complete!

Months ago we brought you a few articles pertaining to the latest breakthrough technology, 3D-Printing. To no surprise, this innovative technology, which once could only print (create) small items, is now the same type of technology responsible for printing homes and now even buildings!

via Dubai Government (Gizmag)

While specific details of cost and labor haven’t yet been disclosed, Dubai is now responsible for the first-ever completed 3D-printed office building.  According to Gizmag,  the building lies between the Emirates Towers. Reports show that it took roughly 3 weeks to print different pieces of the office to where they could be assembled for completion on site. Again, it’s uncertain how much it cost to create this innovative project, however, Dubai officials have admitted that the 3D-printed office only used half of a normally equated budget for a building similar in size. Likewise, it’s very safe to say more architecture firms and companies will begin to utilize 3D-Printing more often.

via Dubai Government (Gizmag)

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