Meet John Rose: Future Entertainment Lawyer Quickly Becoming A Media Titan


In the media world African Americans have historically been known to largely represent many roles throughout the entertainment industry. Whether it’s acting, singing, dancing, or hosting; these are merely just a few branches of the entertainment industry where African Americans have shown huge success. When it comes to the representation of minorities who serve as entertainment litigators or businessmen/women;  however, African Americans only represent less than 3% of practicing attorneys, and an even smaller percentage of the minority lawyers are in the entertainment industry! Likewise, when we heard that a burgeoning law student was pursuing a dual degree in Entertainment law and an MBA from Emory School of Law, Product of Society had to showcase the promising future of a 23 year old by the name of John Rose.

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Born and raised in Jamaica Queens, New York, in 2010, John became the first member in his family to attend college, leaving behind a gang ridden and poverty stricken community that led to the downfall of many of his peers. As a means of escape, Rose worked 3 jobs throughout high school and played football and track while maintaining a 3.6 GPA. Through his hard work and diligence, he obtained a full athletic scholarship to attend Hampton University where continued to strive for greatness in an effort to change the dynamics of his family and more importantly, the image of young black men from his community. In August 2012, John suffered a career ending injury that disabled him from further playing Division 1 football. John looked to different outlets to demonstrate his leadership qualities and became an active member in the Hampton Community.

In May 2014, John Rose graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from Hampton University. He is now a 2018 Juris Doctorate and MBA candidate at Emory School of Law, Managing Partner at The Chosen Circle, LLC, and Legal Assistant/Intern with Morgan & Morgan, PA.  

Shown L-R (Cam Kirk, Sonny Digital, John Rose)

Out of all the different cities you could’ve chosen from, why did you want to go to school in Atlanta?

Moving to Atlanta to start a new chapter of my life was a very difficult decision, yet one of the most rewarding decisions of my life thus far. I wanted to move to a city where its market would enable me to thrive as a future entertainment lawyer. I knew I did not want to go back to NY despite it being probably the biggest market to thrive in this industry. My options really were LA and Atlanta. Atlanta was a easier transition from Hampton. Ultimately, the decision to move to Atlanta fell on the fact that two of my friends that I grew up with, Dez and Bwrite, were doing extremely well in the entertainment industry down here. Both attended Morehouse College and started running a clothing brand called Kreemo. I helped as much as possible with the brand from a distance but the brand eventually led both of them to start working closely with some of the biggest artist and producers in Atlanta…specifically Mike Will Made-It. In the end, the two positioned themselves to have an intricate part at Eardrummers Records, Interscope. When I called Dez and told him I was thinking of moving to LA he said “You crazy!:.. but if you moved to Atlanta I’ll make sure you’re the biggest Entertainment Lawyer the world ever seen”.  From there on the rest is history…history I am still writing today.

That’s what’s up, so how did the management consulting firm The Chosen Circle LLC come about?jayrose8

I guess the idea of running and owning my own company started around the end of 2014. Dame Dash had just gone on a rant during his interview at the Breakfast Club (NY Radio Show) about owning your own business. After that resonated with my aspirations… I don’t know… I just  sat down with my business partner, Aurielle Brooks, who was my classmate in law school and we laid out a plan to start our own company. We went back and forth with a number of ideas, but ultimately we knew that we wanted a company that would serve as a bridge into our entertainment legal careers. We had great connections, her at Street Execs and me at Interscope. Likewise, we  thought it would be beneficial for us to start working with entertainers in a capacity that would add a sense of professionalism and protection to their occupation – something similar to a Lawyer.

 Do you feel that having a young team to represent the firm gives you all  leverage amongst other competitors?

Yes, in a sense …but it does have its pros and cons. No matter how old you are in this industry you have to keep up with its ever changing dynamics. Being 23 has enabled me to keep up with the young producers and musicians in Atlanta, actors as well… but my age also comes with inexperience. I learn so much from my mentors who have been putting work in the game for decades. I think the biggest advantage for the youth today is social media. Older attorneys are still trying to get accustomed to all of these new social platforms that enables my generation to market, brand and connect with the entertainers on a larger platform.  

Good point, but in such a short time span you and your colleagues have worked with some pretty reputable people! Do you mind sharing some of those experiences?

Yea man ….these last two years have been crazy. I obviously can’t speak on some of the more crazier moments lol. But working with celebrity artist and entertainers alike have allowed me to experience a very “flashy” lifestyle and travel the country – stuff I never thought I would experience growing up back home in Jamaica, Queens. My whole first year living in Atlanta I ran with Eardrummers Records. At that time they had two artist, Raesremmurd and Two-9. Much of the year dealt with concerts in Atlanta, different cities on tour, and clubs and studio sessions. Each time I met someone new, ranging from other celebrities to lawyers and business professionals in the industry itself. This past year, with running a business and working for numerous law firms, and with more experience, has been essentially more efficient. My experiences now are project base and I am just trying to make history with everyone I am blessed to interact with.

J. Rose & Metro Boomin In DJ Drama’s Studio
J. Rose , Lil Yachty, Metro Boomin getting ready to take stage (During Parental Advisory Tour)

So with your network growing, are you currently managing any artists or brands?

Yes. Before The Chosen Circle was created I started working more closely with a very good friend and celebrity photographer named Cam Kirk.

Rose & Cam Kirk In Front of Bankroll Fresh Billboard (Day 4 Exhibit)

Cam Kirk was the first entertainer to trust me with his vision and from there we made history, starting with our Trap God Exhibit last summer. Artist and fans from all over the country came to the was crazy. From that experience, and with the help of my team, I was able to start working with different brands, companies and artist. Thus far, to name a few entertainers, I have been able to also work with Mikewillmadeit, Raesremmurd, Two9, Metroboomin, Sonny Digital, Young Thug, Meechie and more. Nevertheless, my capacity of work with each artist ranges. Most of my interactions and opportunities stems from my day to day work with Cam Kirk. In general, while I may not manage any of these artist on a day to day basis, my company goal is to help these artist in any fashion, specifically in an effort to connect them with companies they are interested in working. Some of the companies I have been able to work with to date are Red Bull, Go Pro, Marbek, LRG, ODDSOX and more.

Yea that’s definitely pretty dope, what are some of the challenges you experience day-to-day as a consultant/law student?

I think the biggest thing I have a challenge with is staying confident in my vision. I dream often and I know the amount of work that it takes to make my dreams come true. Time management plays a huge role as well. Sometimes I feel that I am over extending myself, with school, 3 jobs or etc. But with each adventure I learn something new and grow from the situation. There are so many different personalities to deal with, ranging from entertainers, professors, lawyers, and even in the classroom with the many kids that I teach at Booker T. Washington. In all, my biggest challenge is sticking to the vision and executing things in a timely manner.

So where do you see The Chosen Circle LLC 5 years from now?

Hopefully on the cover of Forbes lol. No, but seriously I’m not sure. I know where I want it to be but being realistic….IDK. Luck plays a huge part in the entertainment industry. But luck is just preparation meeting opportunity. Different doors open at different moments instantly and you just have to be ready and prepared to go! I am confident that everything my team has in the works will be position us to be one of the premier consulting firms this country has seen.

Ty Dolla $ign, Two-9, and John Rose shown in Full House Video

Do you have any words of wisdom to any aspiring lawyers or entrepreneurs who want to start a management firm in the entertainment industry?

Yea…but I could talk for days with different specific pointers I think could work for someone in my position. The best advice I can give to someone is to just “see it through” and remember that “energy” is everything. It is very important to put good energy into the universe and to not beat yourself up when the plan you fell in love with didn’t go quite as planned lol. A business plan is forever changing….Just Go! Make mistakes faster and learn from them….and never …well at least.. try not to make them twice. Furthermore, look around you. Your team is a reflection of you and your vision of success. Align your brand, vision and soul with people who want to see you WIN!

Shown L-R (Aurielle Brooks, Cam Kirk , John Rose) at Trap God Exhibit


Product of Society would like to thank John for sharing a brief outlook of the  life of an inspiring entertainment lawyer/ business partner. Furthermore, we look forward to seeing the great success he and his team have to offer at The Chosen Circle, LLC.

J Rose & best friend/fellow entrepreneur Malik Dean.

For more information or contact, John can be reached on Facebook and/or Instagram