Silicon Valley Execs Donate $300,000 to ‘New Story’ For Haitian Hurricane Relief

After being hit by one of the most deadly natural disasters to occur since the earthquake back in 2010, Haiti is again seeking support and refuge after Hurricane Matthew has killed over 842 from this small country.  In the past 24 hours thousands of homes have been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people have now been misplaced. As a result many samaritans have turned to nonprofits and charity centers (such as churches) to directly give back to the Haitian community. The only problem with donating, however, is discerning which nonprofits you can trust and which ones you cannot. Likewise, a charitable start up called New Story was created to make donations more transparent to gain trust for people who want to help during unfortunate times like these.

New Story states that just $6,000 can create one efficient home for a family. Moreover, New Story shows which specific families and labor cost are used to make these houses for citizens after one donates. Because of this start up, fellow silicon execs from companies such as Salesforce, Google, Amazon and more have currently donated $300,000 to help displaced families.

It’s time like these when people who do have $5, $10 or even a $100 to spare are needed most to help contribute any money to help citizens undergoing natural disasters. Therefore, whether it’s New Story or another reputable nonprofit, help where you can and always make sure the money you are donating is circulating back into that community.