FireFan: First Of Its Kind “Interactive Live-Game” Sports App

Nothing makes an American Thanksgiving holiday special like friends and family all together eating great food while watching a football game. One of Americas oldest traditions, the NFL has had games played on Thanksgiving since its inception in 1920. Outside of playoff competition and the Super Bowl; Thanksgiving day is one of the NFL’s most popular game days, when even those that normally don’t watch football will tune in. With all this attention towards sports not only on Thanksiving but just in American culture period; you would think there was a way for NFL fans from all over the country to interact with each other and compete over the game they love. Now, thanks to United Games, there is a way that you can.

United Games LLC, a young start-up company based in Utah, is a mobile app-development company bringing the first ever interactive live-game app to market Thanksgiving week. The App is Called FireFan and what this app gives to sports fans is what United Games calls “The better way to play.” Which allows fans to play a game in real-time, while watching their favorite players and team compete. By using a proprietary live event predictive analysis engine; fans will be able tune into the Cowboys/Redskins game this week and make predictions on what happens in the game while the game is being played live. Not only will you be able to compete against friends and family, but you can also play games and interact with Athletes/Celebrities like Kevin Garnett, LaDanian Tomlinson  and Jason Weaver.

Firefan has the chance to not only be one of the premier sports games in the country, it has the chance to be one of the biggest games in the mobile app industry. What separates FireFan from other popular sports games is that it takes the interest back into the actual games and players that fans want to see. Although very popular, Fantasy Sports makes it very difficult for the casual sports fan to simply enjoy the teams and players that they want to see if they have a “Fantasy Team.” In order to play fantasy football or any fantasy game for that matter, a person will have multiple players from a number of different teams that have to be managed throughout the season. Even for the hardcore NFL fan, its very time consuming to watch and monitor the progress of multiple players on different teams. Furthermore, the interest & focus is now on individual player performance as opposed to the outcome of the actual game played. With FireFan, you have no obligation to watch any games other than the ones that you have an interest in watching. Whether you are a diehard Patriots fan, or just a casual fan who only watches the Dallas Cowboys when their winning (like this season), United Games has created a revolutionary, disruptive game app in FireFan that allows every sports fan to interact with one another on one platform while competing in the games they love to watch. If you want to get in on the action you can sign up here & experience FireFan for yourself.