Dee Ace x Last Night (Prod. By x Dee Ace)

“What does my life sound like?” is the question  Dee Ace had been asking himself for years. Subconsciously, Dee Ace had been preparing to answer this question before he even knew that it existed. As a rapper and producer, he has aimed to separate himself from the pack by living outside the box and turning his daily life into an audio-biography. From writing music at an early age to instinctively studying the depths of music, it became an undeniable connection that could no longer be denied. Growing up in Houston, TX, Dee Ace was culturally influenced by his southern roots while in his music he took more of a worldly approach. Musically he takes inspiration from a wide range of music and artists such as hip hop influences to gospel all the way to electronic music and everything far out and in between.  Music is life and a language for Dee Ace and he utilizes the whole world when creating on his canvas.  Dee Ace doesn’t believe in limits and intends to strech the boundaries of music and culture. His in depth raps combined with his own self produced production ensures that he is forming his own lane, niche, and sound that will gravitate to the listeners due to its authenticity. From his mystic, atmospheric synths to his trunk rattling bass lines and drum rhythms, the music he creates captures you like a black hole you can’t escape. He is forming not only his own world but his own universe where he makes the rules and the normal standards don’t apply. Whether its his smooth demeanor, cultivating sounds and raps, or inspiring personality, its hard to escape his infectious energy. This is the first single of Dee Ace’s forthcoming EP called 90’s Baby.

Check it out below and let us know what you think!