POS visits Zona Maco México Arte Contemporaneo [Mexico City, MX]

Mexico City, normally a vibrant cultural epicenter, took on even more than their usual buzz four weeks ago. Everyday on Paseo de la Reforma, flyers for the 43 missing students cover a massive makeshift memorial. All around this structure for justice are pamphlets and newspapers decrying Mexican President Peña Nieto, proclaiming “Fuera Peña” or “Fire Peña.” Two weeks ago, to add to the normally electric climate, over 20,000 Mexicans flooded the Angel of Independence Square (Angel de la Independencia) just blocks away to protest America’s new president Donald Trump and his stance on global partnerships and trade.

All around the square, lining the building walls of Paseo de la Reforma and streets throughout the city, you can find another form of expression. Street art is everywhere in Mexico City, from Diego Rivera murals to modern graffiti art. Look inside the city’s museums and you’ll see this collection of treasures grow. From Rivera, Orozco and Siquerios at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, to contemporary art at the Jumex, Mexico City’s art scene offers a diverse array of artistic works. Two weeks ago, the usually magnificent display was bolstered by Latin America’s largest contemporary art fair: Zsona Maco.

Zsona Maco has been attracting artists, collectors, exhibitors and galleries from around the globe since 2002, when it began in Monterrey as MUESTRA. As they put it, “this celebration is the epicenter of contemporary art, diverse museums, and public and private cultural institutions.”  Art from different cultures, mediums, and meanings can be found jumping off the walls of the weaving maze that is Zsona Maco, shocking, soothing, enticing and inspiring an equally colorful collage of passerbies. Politically charged pieces, with subjects ranging from Kim Jong Un to the Kennedy’s, hang feet away from crocheted unicorns, neon hanging gardens and chairs reminiscent of where the wild things are. POS heard about this eclectic collection and had to go peep the scene. Scroll through the gallery below to check out what we found.

*Product of Society, LLC doesn’t not take credit in the actual creation of the artwork below, the pictures , however, were taken by a POS representative used solely for informative purposes*