Los Angeles Clippers Trade Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets

The balance of the NBA may have only begun to be shifted by Kevin Durant signing to the (already 73-9) Golden State Warriors.  Now its been confirmed that the Los Angeles Clippers have traded their franchise player to the Houston Rockets, in a deal that will feature Patrick Beverly, Sam Dekker, Montrezl Herrell and multiple other mimimum guarantee and/or non-guaranteed players, that have yet to be confirmed (Tim Quarterman, Lou Williams, Troy Williams have been mentioned).

With this blockbuster trade, the scales slightly rise in the Rockets favor, but not yet enough to make the “Juggernaut out West” aka Golden State, bat an eye.  Chris Paul and James Harden make for a very volatile pairing, though this is considered a bit of a “rental” because Paul is set to redo this entire free agency process next summer if it suits him.

Conveniently, next summer is when Chris Paul’s best banana boat buddy, LeBron James, is set to also become a free agent… just sayin!