Nipsey Hussle x Hussle & Motivate [Directed by Sergio]

In Olympic running events (marathons) or major speedway events (Indy 500), a Victory Lap is the term given to the competitor who finishes in first place. And despite being tired after a race, these competitors jog or drive another lap while giving ode to the crowd and their supporters. An interesting fact about both sports is that they are usually staggered, therefore, strategy of knowing when to sprint and accelerate or jog & coast  is imperative when running a marathon or driving 500 laps.

” but i don’t do this shit for nothin’ “

Since 2008, Nipsey has given his testimony of growth and hustle over bars on wax. Through various mixtapes, each one motivated its listeners to attain something greater;  to increase ownership and break bread with the people that helped you get to a stage of success. Ultimately, the culmination of his mixtapes were just a blue print for where he currently is today. The Los Angeles lyricist, entrepreneur, investor, and innovator has spoken everything into existence which is a major reason so many fans respect his work ethic Check out the visuals to “Hussle & Motivate” from Nipsey as it was directed by Sergio. Also shoutout to Lauren London and Slauson Bruce who both had cameos in the visuals above. Check it out and let us know what you think! Also check out the full album Victory Lap here!