Twitter To Launch Camera Feature to Compete with Snapchat & Instagram!

The internet is forever evolving and as a result so are the social mediums that love to take up our individual time. Ever since Instagram integrated an identical Snapchat camera feature (uploading camera/video content) more people have gravitated to Instagram and ultimately no longer use Snapchat as the preferred social medium for camera/video content.

“If you can’t beat them, join them!”

I guess Twitter has had enough and wants to become the reigning social media giant over Instagram. Last week the company announced that they have been testing a new camera feature to replicate Instagram’s camera features. Yes, this means twitter users will be able to “go Live”, broadcast, upload and send photos. And while this may seem like a grand idea (from a business standpoint), I can only imagine how silly the platform will be due to the range of ages and maturity of users on Twitter’s platform.

Nevertheless, as a social media user it is interesting to see the various modifications companies are integrating to stay afloat. Simultaneously, it’s scary to see how much information every day people share with the worldwide web.