$1.3 Billion Worth Of Cocaine Seized By U.S. Customs From A Ship Owned By JPMorgan

While ignorant individuals want to blame “Mexicans entering our border” as the major contributors of America’s drug epidemic it’s important that we take a close look at events as these.

A few weeks ago, a vessel financed by JPMorgan was seized in the Philadelphia port by U.S. Customs. The bust was said to be an estimated $1.3 Billion worth of cocaine.

As cryptocurrency comes to mass adoption you’ll hear many people say “Bitcoin is a gateway for criminals”.  However, these same people are quiet and nowhere to be found when U.S. funded dollars are facilitating drugs into our community.

I think it’s also astonishing how the public won’t be provided a video (for proof) that the $1.3 Billion worth of  drugs entering our communities are removed immediately. As a result of lack of proof, it is no way of TRULY knowing if any of these drugs  were burned or made their way into our communities.

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