“S.A.D.E.’s Hope”, A New Non-Profit Organization Countering Domestic Violence & Uplifting The Millennial Generation

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Young women between the ages of 18-24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence, almost double the national average.”

Today,  Product of Society is delighted to bring you a highly progressive new  nonprofit organization called S.A.D.E.’s Hope, Inc. The Atlanta, Georgia based 501(c)(3) organization is equipped with a tenacious team of individuals led by founders Antonia Acevedo & John Rose. 

“We don’t use the term “victim“, they are Survivors in the making”, says Antonia Acevedo and John Rose, co-founders of the new Atlanta, GA based 501(c)(3) nonprofit domestic violence organization, S.A.D.E.’s Hope.”

On August 23, 2019 this new nonprofit launched its organization by hosting an art exhibit entitled “Fazes”. The exhibit displayed the different phases of domestic violence in the various forms it may manifest.  Domestic violence is not just physical abuse, but it is also financial, mental, emotional and cyber-abuse due to today’s society and usage of technology.

Cover photo of ‘FAZES’ exhibit showcased on August 23rd

“We will succeed if we can save lives, instill self-confidence and self-worth in these young adults that will allow them to grow into productive older adults.  To be able to let them know that unfortunately in this era, people are dying at the hands of other people at an alarming rate and they don’t have to be a part of that statistic. ” – John Rose

Photo via @amdvisuals located at @camkirkstudios

“S.A.D.E.’s Hope was birthed out the tragic loss of my cousin, Tiara Sade Clark, who at 29 years old, was shot and killed by someone that was supposed to love her.  Tiara, like so many others, lose their lives far to soon at the hands of people who say they love them.  If we can educate young women and men and let them know that they are not alone, that no relationship is worth losing your life for and prevent just one person from losing their life, then our work will not be in vain.”- Antonia Acevedo

In memory of Tiara Sade Clark (29yrs old)

S.A.D.E.’s Hope, Inc will actively reach both institutions and individuals in efforts to inform the community of domestic violence. The new non-profit is looking for donors who can deduct contributions under IRC section 170 for this 501(c)(3) organization.

S.A.D.E.’s Hope wishes donors understand the importance of their funds directly impacting the younger generation. One of the biggest topics S.A.D.E.’s Hope stresses is that domestic violence is not solely a “housewife problem”  and that victims Survivors are becoming more prevalent at younger ages.

Photo credited to @Scrilldavis

Vision Statement:

S.A.D.E.’s Hope, Inc. is founded on the vision and belief that every person has the right to be safe, empowered and free from violence and the fear of violence.  S.A.D.E’s Hope, Inc. seeks to eliminate domestic/intimate partner violence and other related social problems.

Photo via @Scrilldavis located at @Camkirkstudios

Our Values:

  • We advocate for the rights of all persons to live without abuse, oppression, violence or fear in their relationships;
  • We honor individuals’ choices and empower them to use their strengths and identify their weaknesses;
  • We foster trusting relationships and respectful communications through collaboration and referrals;
  • We educate and challenge ourselves, and the communities we serve, to promote a culture of respect and non-violence; and
  • We value the rights of victims to make life decisions based on being fully informed of their legal rights and options.

While S.A.D.E.’s Hope is a new organization, domestic violence is not and unfortunately it is destroying lives at an increasingly high rate.  In a recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, (AJC), in response to a quadruple murder that happened in mid-July, 2019  in Columbus, GA, it was reported that “Georgia is in the top 10 of states that people are killed, and women are killed by their intimate partners. We’re number one in teen dating violence from ages 16 to 24,” according to Arianna Smith, a family victim violence advocate with Hope Harbor in Columbus, GA.  This is the force behind S.A.D.E.’s Hope and the reason this organization was created to try and educate, raise awareness and hopefully prevent another family from having to bury their loved ones.

Founders Antonia & John

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