NBA YOUNGBOY x SLIME MENTALITY [Shot by: We Good Productions]

Merely after being released (24 hours ago), NBA Youngboy & We Good Productions, LLC have already amassed over 3 million views! Just days before the video dropped,  news sources reported that Youngboy would initially be restricted to staying at his house, but was granted the opportunity to release music videos. As a result, @ShotbyJacques , @Nupey_nell12 &  @SanjCphoto turned a shoot at NBA Youngboy’s house into a motion picture (no theatricals).

SLIME MENTALITY was  a perfect track to  release as summer begins to wrap up. The amount of heat dropped this summer was one for the books, and SLIME MENTALITY is a culmination of the great hits that have landed in 2019.

Now that NBA Youngboy is back you can expect more hits and Youtube records inevitably be broken.

With a solid production team like We Good, LLC and consistent hits from NBA Youngboy it’s pretty impossible for their team to miss. 

Check out the video and let us know what you think!