SANMAN x Brunch & Screw

What once  was deemed an “underground” sound of Texas; has now expanded  globally at a very impressive rate. The enigmatic style of chopping & screwing  technique was created within the last three decades. However, current rap songs and other genres now utilize elements of chopped & screwed in unique ways to compliment an artists sound or production. This cultural phenomena may be foreign to some, however, for Houstonians and many fellow southerners, Chopped & Screwed music is a way of life.

Pioneered by the late Robert Earl Davis Jr. (better known as DJ Screw) the gifted DJ found a passion in music and mixing at an early age. DJ Screw’s most prominent claim to fame began in his basement/studio. Robert Davis Jr.’s  creation of Chopped & Screwed music was born by slowing down RPMs & BPMs of local Texas talent within his mixes. Ultimately, this sound and style would become the platform and steelo to provide a new sound for the city of Houston and hip-hop as a whole.

Though DJ Screw  physically departed this Earth in the year 2000, his influence and ingenuity will live forever. For example, native Houston artists and friends of DJ Screw (members of the S.U.C., Swishahouse, and Chopstars) have continued to preserve the sound of Houston’s precious gift of chopped & screwed music.

One of the biggest DJ’s currently curating chopped & screwed music is Dallas native DJYung$avage. The gifted DJ is known for chopping & screwing various genres and artists via his own mixes. The versatility and tracks chosen by DJYung$avage keep him in a lane of his own. It takes a lot of skill to catch the right tempo and right placement to chop and screw a track, a craft mastered by few. For this reason it was only right SANMAN asked DJYung$avage to help spin for the first ever Brunch & Screw event!

SANMAN’s Brunch & Screw was birthed on the concept to preserve DJ Screw and Texas’ culture of Chopped & Screwed music. Moreover, provide another artistic expression, outlet and platform for others to join and experience Texas culture together.

Brunch & Screw  is an artistic event that showcases the intersection of Houston culture and brunch festivities. Guests are invited to come out to network and converse with other creatives over drinks  (Bottomless Mimosas) and a Chef’s choice of brunch entrees. While attendees enjoy their food and drinks,  Chopped & Screwed music is played throughout the entire event of various songs curated and played by DJYung$avage. Moreover, local artists are invited to showcase their paintings and artwork during the Brunch & Screw event for attendees to have the opportunity to buy and support those local artists.

Chef Karrie Calloway presenting entrees to guests
Fresh hors d’oeuvres served
Houston Artist: Jaylen Pigford

This year SANMAN has hosted three Brunch & Screw events for local Houston natives and creatives. Though the Brunch & Screw events have been a first of it’s kind, the events have been very receptive from the public’s support as it becomes more evident that that SANMAN truly wants to facilitate local artists and culture similar to how DJ Screw supported local talent and craft.

Film & Pictures Courtesy of Blacksheepfilmz & Mike Lane

SANMAN which stands for “See A Need Meet A Need” will continue to host more Brunch & Screw events in the near future amongst a series of other artistic events (such as pop-up shops, galleries, and more)!

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