Brazilian artists Tony Parana,  Ibraim nascimento & his work “St. Sebastian”

Last week SANMAN hosted it’s fourth exhibition for local creatives and entrepreneurs to showcase their artwork and merchandise. The event was held at SANMAN’s creative art studio (located in Houston,Texas). Furthermore, the event was free to the public for friends and guests to attend; a nice perk to facilitate the recent Houston Art Crawl and growing art culture of Houston.

mark francis x “memoir and exorcism of trauma”

Instagram: @ryantheartist
E N E R G Y merch via @sanmancompany
Tara Hughes x “Pin Cushion”
Krystle Holnes’ portraits via water color
Designer Ezla Lewis featuring his brand p a l a c o s e
Jonathan Paul Jackson x “Charwas on the African plain”
Jaylen Pigford featured abstract paintings
Artists Tara Hughes & Lorraine
Lorraine x “Fine Art Fusion”
Full artist list curated by @sanmancompany