All Screwed Up [Official Movie Trailer]

” All Screwed Up is a compelling new series centered around the legendary DJ Screw, born Robert Earl Davis Jr.

Not only was Screw a groundbreaking DJ, he invented a signature style that has transcended more than 2 decades of pop culture and spring-boarded the career of dozens. His slow pitched “Chopped & Screwed” technique has been featured in Academy Award & Golden Globe Award-winning films and on dozens of multi-platinum, Billboard topping songs.

After discovering his signature sound in the early 90s, Robert’s popularity landed him in the middle of police harassment and a violent local beef. This dispute between two sides of America’s 4th largest city would go on to cause on of the most infamous divides in the South’s urban culture.

All Rights Reserved © IYO Visuals 2020 Directed by: Isaac “Chill” Yowman Producers: Sidney Walker, Miriam Heads, Michelle Williams, Lil’ Keke & Derrick Dixon Written By: Isaac Yowman & Shannan Johnson Starring: Rosha Washington, Paigion Walker, Kyle Mosely, Marqus Clae, Phill Wade, Dean Will, Omete Anassi, Diamond Lyons, LaShae Boone, Rodrick Randall ” – iYoVisuals