Kobe Bryant, Brilliant On & Off The Basketball Court!

The last few days have been somber; very tough to say the least. This past Sunday (January 26th) Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and 7 others were announced to have tragically died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. The news breaking of Bryant’s death sent ripples of emotions worldwide as many people (young and old) grew up watching the legendary basketball player perform on a level unmatched by most. Moreover, not only did we watch Kobe Bryant as player, but ultimately  we watched his life in totality as he transitioned from a high schooler that went straight into the NBA, became a 5x champion, a father of four girls and husband to Vanessa Bryant (his high school sweetheart). And though basketball will always be Kobe’s claim to fame, the gifted athlete was more than just that.

At a young age Kobe was multilingual (Spanish, Italian, English) and as a result could learn to pick up other languages quicker than others (example: being able to speak Slovenian to Sasha and Luka). This type of IQ and acumen was manifested through his workout regiment and overall steelo of how he played basketball. However, only some people realize his transition and aspiration outside of the league would of best replicated his true intelligence; as a “story teller”. Just two years after leaving the league as a future instant HOF player, NBA legend and champion, Kobe was able to win an Oscar for his short-doc “Dear Basketball” an animated display based on the poem entitled “Dear Basketball” which Kobe had written years before.

Following his Oscar winning film, Kobe partnered with others to release television series, podcasts and merchandise all centered around the important notion of having a #mambamentality. This mentality was perfectly displayed through his daughter Gianna who loved the game of basketball and had the perfect mentor and dad to accomplish big feats for herself and women’s basketball.

The existing legacy and family members left behind from Kobe will always live on! In his 41 years of living on Earth, Kobe displayed true leadership that exceeded basketball and sports. His work ethic #mambamentality helped facilitate a generation of leaders who will too be able to provide generational wealth, love, and leadership for their friends and family as well.

Rest in Paradise to Kobe and Gianna Bryant, as well as the others who tragically lost their life on the helicopter last Sunday. #GoWithGod #TMC