Ira Ace x Outta Jabez [Full EP]

In the ever evolving age of music, technology has facilitated the expansion of sounds and artistry. Various drum-kits, chimes, hard-hats and BPMs can now expand to wider ranges thanks to computers and music software. As a result, most musical artist need the skills of a producer and engineer to make a project complete.

Ira Ace only needed himself. 

Houston native Ira Ace is a gifted virtuoso who recently released his EP entitled “Outta Jabez“. The 9 track playlist features Alternative beats and sounds that inevitably provide new life in a niche genre.  What makes Ira’s breakout project special is that he transcended the orthodox approach of creating a solo album and seeking help. Instead, Ira created, produced and engineered the entirety of Outta Jabez. What we really like about Outta Jabez is the vibe and various subtle sound changes that float over Ira’s adlibs. A complete project that displayed ingenuity and fearlessness, it’s safe to say Ira will continue to push the music industry and various genres to the fullest!

Check out  Outta Jabez on all streaming platforms! This is merely the beginning for Ira Ace.