SANMAN COMPANY Presents x Fōdō #2 [11.20.2020]

Located East downtown in the city of Houston lies the awe-inspiring Sanman Studios. What makes this studio so dynamic is not only the location nor the aesthetic beauty, but the creative minds behind its inception. Seth Rogers, Steven Rogers, Ira Ace and Chege Gitau are the brains and horsepower behind Sanman Studios Houston LLC.

As creatives, the Sanman Company team allows guests to rent their space and have full creative control to bring their ideas to life. For example, in the past clients have hosted pop-up shops, photo shoots, art galleries, thrown private parties and more. The 5,500sqft warehouse studio is multifaceted and flexible for utilization of the facility; including ideas created by the team themselves.

Fōdō is Sanman Company’s latest installment held at their creative studio (Sanman Studios). Members Seth, Steven, Ira & Chege  along with local artists help turn their studio into a content gallery that usually featured 10-15 sets & installations.