Meet Ten11[@Ten11x]: One Of HipHop’s Most Creative Producers

In an age where creatives have utilized new technology to launch their aspirations or perfect their respective crafts, producing music has easily been one of the most fascinating ventures to watch. While rap music’s progression can be attributed to a culmination of witty lyrics layered with poetic bars,  ultimately  the constant progression of various sounds created by talented producers has been the key difference maker in this era of rap music. Today we are fortunate to introduce one of hiphop’s illest producers by the name of Ten11. Ten11 is a native of Los Angeles, California. He has produced for many talented artists: King Louie, Bino Rideaux, Drakeo the Ruler, and most notably being BlueBucksClan’s in house producer. To say the least, these great accomplishments have propelled Ten11 into a league and sound of his own. As a result of these accomplishments, we wanted to catch up and learn about Ten11’s story  and how this gifted individual reached his current success producing and engineering some of the nicest tracks out here!


bluebucksclan x “horace grant” – produced by ten11:


Appreciate you doing this interview! For starters, we wanted to know how you came up with your name Ten11? 

“A few years ago I was deciding out of a few names , but what stuck with me the most was the name that easily represented me, in this case being my birthday which is October 11th”

That’s what’s up, can you walk us through your initial process of finding out you had a knack for music and producing?

“I always knew I had a passion for music ever since I was a kid. At the age of about 7 my uncle introduced me to a lot of the West Coast legends: Dr. Dre , Dub-C, Sugar Free and more. My uncle even taught me how to write songs that inspired me to eventually write my own raps. I started rapping consistently when I got to middle school, however, rapping was something that I wasn’t just ready to put out to the world.”

that’s dope!, so while you were  rapping was that when you also got introduced to producing?

“Yea I would say it was around the same time I started writing music I began experimenting with FL Studio. I wanted the beats I was rapping on to sound authentic so instead of using other people’s beats I began learning how to create my own. Overtime I would get compliments on how the beats sounded and eventually I realized that was more of my niche”.


bluebucksclan x “Don’t judge me” – produced by ten11

So when your started off initially were your beats strictly west coast sounding? 

My heart began in trap beats. So initially I made a lot of trap-like beats almost similar to something you can see someone like Johnny Cinco flowin’ over. My first West Coast beats began as I started linking up with more local artists and friends like DJ and Jeezy. My biggest initial release being “Shit Talk” which was released in 2019.”

much respect, Shit talk is one of my favorite tracks from “no rules”!  So was it in 2019 when you met dj and jeezy (bluebucksclan)?

” Man, I’ve been knowing DJ since 7th grade. We used to all play Pop Warner together. He used to play QB and wore #3, I wore #4. In high school me, DJ, and Jeezy all played football. Even though he’s a few years younger its like DJ been quarterbacking plays and helping me perfect my craft ever since. Me, DJ and Jeezy really became a family before the music and now it’s showing  through the music and art we create.”

that’s truly dope To go into business , a successful one at that, with people you grew up with is always inspiring!

regarding you all played football together, that makes a lot of sense with the sports references dj and jeezy drop in their songs. 

has any athlete  or sports figure reached out to yall in regards to giving them a shoutout?

” Yea for sure, Westbrook & KD  and many athletes have shown love in the past. But probably the most random, but really cool shoutout came from Steve Sarkisian.  Apparently some of the athletes in Alabama’s locker room was jammin out to Horace Grant and he really was feelin the bar and the song”

[I can show you how to run these plays, I’m Sarkisian] – Jeezy in “Horace Grant”

Former Alabama Offensive Coordinator, now U of Texas head coach , Steve Sarkisian

that’s what’s up, the production + metaphors in yall’s tracks are really what caught my attention. is the creative process for you pretty unique? What is that you need to get into your zone for production and engineering these tracks?

“All I need is to be right here in The Bubble. The ambiance here and some backwoods is all I truly need to get going. I’m most comfortable when I’m by myself so this environment is perfect for me.”

Photograpy via @Hypepiics

That’s cool, my creative process is similar in the sense that i need my space too. do most tracks you create take a long time or does it just depend?

“It usually just depends on the mood or type of beat I’m making. Sonically some songs just take longer, especially when it comes to engineering the track. But there are instances that I’ve gotten some great work done in a quick amount of time. “Horace Grant” was made under 20minutes! DJ was already in the studio with me, and Jeezy was getting back from somewhere. He walked into the booth and dropped a line while I was trying the beat out and it was up from there.”

that’s real!

So what are some of  Your long term plays?

“Long term I’m looking to build with my current team and even expanding the family. Some of my favorite camps in the game come from people like Wheezy and Cardo because they aren’t afraid to find someone out of state or someone that has an unorthodox sound like Larry June. So being able to find talent and build the family is something I would like to do in the long run”.

product of society would like to thank TEN11 for doing this q&A with us. Make sure to follow and stay up to date with  TEN11 here! Below is the latest project he worked on which is BluebucksClan x clan virus 2. Check it out below!