Do You Know Ghandi?

Art is one of the greatest talents humans have bestowed and cherished across the ages. Not only can one’s art stand the test of time, but it can tell of a moment in which that individual perceived life, society, religion and even their own mind. Whether in the form of abstract drawings, music, sculpting, designing and more, art has helped humans feel and express a variety of emotions and thoughts. Today we get to feature a multifaceted artist named Ghandi who is a creator of art in the form of both painting and music.

Ghandi’s Last Supper piece displayed at his first exhibition held at Sanman Studios in 2021.


Ghandi can you tell us a little about yourself and journey?

“So I was born in Jamaica Queens, NY, but a lot my family originated from Bangladesh. In 2010 I moved out to Texas with my family. Growing up I listened to a lot of classic rock and Bob Marley , but I really got into hip hop music as a different outlet to be creative when I got to Houston. “

Ghandi dropped his album “GHANDI” this past February 14, 2022

That’s whats up! Do you remember the exact moment you decided you wanted to experiment with rap?

“Yea I do, I remember being on the bus on my way to school when I first heard a friend listening to the Marshall Mathers LP. After that moment I started teaching and researching for myself. I spent a lot of time on Datpiff. “

So you made music before you started drawing?

“Yea i was making music two or three years before i started painting.”

Would you say making music was nontraditional for your family?

“Yea i would say it was around the time I was making music I started having a fall out with my family. After enough arguments and built up tension I ended up getting kicked out of my house”

“This is what led me to Florida where I first got introduced to psychedelics and spirituality. I stayed in Florida experimenting and painting for about 3 months.”

“After being in Florida I came back to Texas and went on a spiritual journey. I found myself thinking in terms of “who I was” or “what is my purpose”. I found something that aligned with my spirit, and that’s where I found creative art. It helped me express my energy in forms of painting, tattoos, music.

“After finding my enlightenment I took things more seriously. You could hear it in my music, you could see it in my art.”

That’s really cool to hear about your journey on enlightenment! I know you’re self taught in music, but are you also self taught in drawing?

“Yes I would say my time in Florida helped me discover my niche in painting. I have a skill deemed as Autonomous Painting. When I first started painting I would be tripping on psychedelics with solely my canvas and paint in front of me. When I began drawing it felt like I was just watching my hand have a mind on it’s own, everything from colors, perception and ideas came very natural. From that day on I kept repeating this process. When it got to a point where I felt like i had more control of the paint and hand movement I decided to begin my first project.”

Ghandi & Noodle circa 2018

“The first person who saw me make art was Noodle. We would be tripping a lot and we both had just started painting.”

“Around this time I had come back to Houston. We met a private collector in Texas who introduced an artist who lived in Marfa, Texas. This conversation lead us to have an opportunity to have a residency at an art gallery (around 2018).”

An art piece sold at the gallery in Marfa, TX

“My experience in Marfa transitioned to more doors opening up for me in the art world. At this time I was more confident in my paintings and I was still creating music.”

That’s really Dope! So now where are you at with creating art and making music?

“So right now I’m apart of a residency with other talented group of artists called Sanman Neo. My first art gallery was held at Sanman Studios last December which allowed me to showcase my exhibition titled Story of Bill.


“December 16th I not only held an art gallery at Sanman Studios but I held an exclusive listening party where I let friends, fam, and my audience hear my upcoming album GHANDI . 

Ghandi during his exhibition Story of Bill (located at Sanman Studios)

“Inspired by this picture of Johnny Cash, so i wanted to create the album cover in a similar environment, but my own way. I took some acid and we set up a picnic. I had the photoshoot with my personal spin on it.”

“The album is all written and produced by me, i engineered by the tracks. Shoutout to @Wkfilms for helping me film the visuals that I directed.”

“I also just branched into digital art. For my art exhibition I released my first NFT Listing on Open Sea. What separates my NFT listings from most artists that purchasing an NFT comes with an original 1 of 1. I will send the free print with purchase of the NFT for buyers to have both the digital and physical copy.”

This book documents the beginning of my journey as an artist. These images were made with oil pastels on the pages of an Alcoholic’s Anonymous book gifted to me by an old friend. I expressed my thoughts and emotions through a character I created named “Bill” This is his story.

That’s great to hear bro and congrats on the much continued success!

Product of Society would like to thank Ghandi for taking the time out to walk us through his art journey. His work ethic and energy is very contagious and has been displayed in our entirety of knowing each other at Sanman Studios. We look forward to what’s to come from Ghandi as a painter and musician.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram and check out Sanman’s website for upcoming exhibitions for Ghandi and other artists.