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Why Donald Trump Will Attack Jay-Z On Twitter, But Never Eminem!

“except when it comes to having the balls to go against me, you hide em!” Detroit rapper Eminem had one of the hardest BET cyphers ever performed last year. And while many will debate me […]

BBC: “How Did a 13 Year Old Become A Murderer?”

From time to time we like to check out international news via BBC.com. To no surprise, the British Broadcasting Corporation tends to highlight negative news happening in the United States. One of the biggest issues […]

Disturbing: Toddler Shown on Video Swearing

  According to¬†NewsOne.com ,¬†Omaha Police Officer Association is under fire for releasing a very graphical video of an African American toddler swearing multiple times and using sexual content while being recorded. The Omaha Police Officer […]