Disturbing: Toddler Shown on Video Swearing


According to NewsOne.com , Omaha Police Officer Association is under fire for releasing a very graphical video of an African American toddler swearing multiple times and using sexual content while being recorded. The Omaha Police Officer Association said the video was released to show “the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery”. As a result of this , many sites have hosted this video and the comments posted underneath the videos have been equally disturbing. As an African American male, I find this video truly hard to watch. Not because it was released by the Omaha Police Officer Association, but because an ill-minded individual is poisoning a young infant which could one day lead to psychological damage similar to that of a juvenile delinquent. This child obviously does not understand the words he is saying. Like most children, he is mimicking  what he was taught. As a result, I believe some, not all, Americans will now look at other African American toddlers the same way.  This kind of behavior has to cease in the black community. It’s not only disturbing, but truly sad. Sad that this is the life some kids, of all races, undergo. People need to realize how vulnerable a young infant’s mind is. A parent or guardian should never let something like this happen because it’s only promoting a negative connotation, in this case for the black community. At first I did not want to post this article because I did not want to “promote” this type of behavior, however, the video is on multiple sites. Also, I believe the viewers who come to this site understand the positive mind state WE try to implement in our young youth today. Watch the video, make a change.