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Coward Kills Two Journalist LIVE On Television

Unfortunately every week in America another bizarre incident occurs to inevitably increase racial tension among Americans. The latest event tragically involves WBDJ reporter Allison Parker (24) & videographer Adam Ward(27). Both journalist were reporting with […]

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Thoughts? Racist Woman Spits On Man, Man Then Slaps Woman!

A new video is going viral portraying a lady yelling racial slurs to a black man openly while being filmed. For a reason yet unidentified, this lady was clearly upset and unbothered by the camera […]

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UVA Honors Student Bloodied by VABC Law Enforcement

Earlier this week, UVA honors student Martese Johnson was brutally attacked by Virginia Law Enforcement after being denied entry into the local bar. The said incident happened at the Trinity Irish Pub in Charlottesville,VA after […]