UVA Honors Student Bloodied by VABC Law Enforcement

Earlier this week, UVA honors student Martese Johnson was brutally attacked by Virginia Law Enforcement after being denied entry into the local bar. The said incident happened at the Trinity Irish Pub in Charlottesville,VA after Martese was found to be holding a fake I.D. Although witnesses attest that Johnson did not resist arrest, he was still beaten to the point where he required 10 stitches in his head. According to court records, Johnson was charged with a misdemeanor obstruction of justice without force and public swearing/intoxication. One witness managed to take a picture of Johnson while he was being apprehended. Other witnesses were physically removed from the scene from police with some individuals even being handcuffed. Members of the UVA Black Student Alliance were the first to spread the word on this assault of Martese Johnson.


Johnson is a current member on the UVA Honor Committee where he serves as vice chairman for community relations. He also serves as the leadership development chairman on the Alliance executive committee and vice president of the school chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. However, despite being an honor student & well respected amongst his peers; none of these things were taken into consideration when confronted by these police officers. Although this situation is pending with more details to come; there is no excuse for an individual who to be physically violated to the point where his face was painted red in his own blood. Martese Johnson was alone facing numerous police officers who clearly used excessive force to arrest him. Unfortunately, this is yet another situation where a person of color was encountered by members of law enforcement & his basic human rights were violated. This should serve as a harsh reminder that regardless if one resides in a small rural town or one of the best public universities in the nation, some officers only see one thing; a black man. Until there is true consequences handed out for police brutality, one’s life and basic human rights will always be at risk when in the presence of Police Officers. #Justice4Martese #AllLivesMatter