Thoughts? Racist Woman Spits On Man, Man Then Slaps Woman!

A new video is going viral portraying a lady yelling racial slurs to a black man openly while being filmed. For a reason yet unidentified, this lady was clearly upset and unbothered by the camera recording her actions.

After viewing this video I kind of have mixed reviews. While Racial slurs or getting spat on shouldn’t be tolerated, instigating a “mad f*cking b*tch” (as she calls herself in the video) shouldn’t either. The man recording could’ve easily walked away from a situation that was clearly out of hand to begin with. Does this mean you’re a “coward” or ” a push over”? It really just depends who you ask. In the end, however, the public will give their own opinion on this video and society will be left with yet another video depicting racial tension in America. According to reports the lady has been charged with Assault, the man has not yet not been charged with anything.

Let us know what you think about the video below, should the man get charged?!