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Self-Driving Taxis Are Now Driving On The Roads In Wuhan (China)

“Chinese carmaker Dongfeng Motor Corporation offered free trial of its self-driving taxi service in central China’s Wuhan. Over 40 autonomous cars, named RoboTaxi, were tested in the city’s business district.”  

Tesla Truck Cruising In Los Angeles

Tesla Full Self-Driving Automation Has Arrived

¬†Tesla has recently released a video of their fully self-driving automated model S. Check out this video as the¬†driver never touches the steering wheel. Stephen Hawking’s warned about the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and how […]

Via Artificial Intelligence, MIT Scientist Create a Robot Capable of Playing Jenga

“Using machine-learning and sensory hardware, Alberto Rodriguez, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and members of MIT’s MCube lab have developed a robot that is learning how to play the game Jenga¬ģ. The technology could be […]

Kyoto University Scientists Create Robotic Snake

A few months back we shared¬†Boston Dynamic’s innovative¬†new prototype, the SpotMini robot. The SpotMini has been deemed dynamic due to it’s similar movement and responsiveness which make the robot able to mimic behaviors of a […]

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Amazon Plans to Roll Out 3,000 Cashier-less “GO” Stores

A few months back we brought you the news that Amazon opened up it’s first¬† artificially intelligent designed retail grocery store¬†Amazon Go.¬†The store was first tested by Seattle natives, however, due to recent news more […]