Kyoto University Scientists Create Robotic Snake

A few months back we shared Boston Dynamic’s innovative new prototype, the SpotMini robot. The SpotMini has been deemed dynamic due to it’s similar movement and responsiveness which make the robot able to mimic behaviors of a dog. Today we feature more progressive tech based out of Kyoto, Japan. During the 2018 REEE/RSJ Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (last week) a group of scientist representing Kyoto University displayed the prototype for a robot that can mimic the behaviors of a snake.

As shown in the video, the snake (robot) is capable of climbing a ladder as if it were a green mamba! The scientist provided the video to show that this type of technology can one day help facilitate natural disasters and events to help save humans; especially in locations where humans can not reach or are capable of gaining access. Check out the video and lets us know what you think!