Tag: Artificial Intelligence

Amazon Go Is Now Open For the Public!

For the first time ever, Amazon Go was made public for Seattle residents yesterday morning. The artificially intelligent design allows customers with the Amazon Go app to “shop and go” without any delay of stopping […]

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Lowe’s Robots Will Probably Replace Sales Assistants In The Near Future

A while back we brought you an article entitled “Artificial Intelligence Could Be Humans’ Worst Mistake in History”. Prompted by the great astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, Hawking discussed how the creation of Artificial Intelligence would soon […]

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JIBO: World’s First Robot Companion!!

Remember when we shared with you the article of Stephen Hawking and his insight on Artificial Intelligence? Well, he definitely was right! AI designs are becoming more prevalent every moment, and today we get to introduce […]

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CNN Money: Robots Will Replace Fast-Food Workers

As many fast food workers around the country continue to protest about their minimum wage pay, many companies are finding more ways to reduce the number of human workers via new technology. According to CNN Money, […]

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Stephen Hawking: ‘Artificial Intelligence Could Be Humans Worst Mistake In History’

In relation to Johnny Depp’s newest movie, Transcendence, globally renowned astro-physicist Stephen Hawking explains why the growing success of artificial intelligence is detrimental to our society. “Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human […]