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Spain Park High School Students Prove Racism Isn’t Going Anywhere in America

Another day in Amerikkka. Check out yet another video of young Americans showing their hatred for Blacks and Jews. The video shows Spain Park High School Students (Hoover, Alabama) inebriated and showing their true feelings […]

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Lyft Set To Become First Rideshare Company to File IPO

Lyft and Uber have grown globally to mass adoption in the emerging media market. Though both platforms have had their own trials and scandals; ultimately both companies have been very popular for millennials. Lyft has […]

Will “Blackfly” Become the First Regulated “Flying Car”?!

After 9 years of conducting testing in Silicon Valley, developers believe “Blackfly” can truly become the first flying car/aircraft to bless the skies. According to reports, the aircraft has already conducted thousands of air miles […]