Lyft Set To Become First Rideshare Company to File IPO

Lyft and Uber have grown globally to mass adoption in the emerging media market. Though both platforms have had their own trials and scandals; ultimately both companies have been very popular for millennials.

Lyft has provided a foreshadowing of how a shared-economy will be in the future. A prototype to say the least, ridesharing has helped citizens become their own boss in the sense that they can begin and end working when they would like. Ultimately, this has created a surge of “taxi drivers” that are utilized to transport anyone who downloads the Lyft or Uber app.

An ingenious idea to say the least, users are forced to download and accept terms & conditions to utilize their “tracking” service to help locate your nearest driver for an expeditious ride; especially faster than your average city taxi.

For more information on Lyft going public (which may be a smart investment), check out their prospectus here!