Spain Park High School Students Prove Racism Isn’t Going Anywhere in America

Another day in Amerikkka. Check out yet another video of young Americans showing their hatred for Blacks and Jews. The video shows Spain Park High School Students (Hoover, Alabama) inebriated and showing their true feelings for other cultures. Not surprised at all, however, it should be noted that these are Americans who haven’t even gone to college. Possibly the teachers, doctors, cops, of tomorrow. Only difference between them and others is that this was filmed. Mackenzie is the young lady who insisted on “wiping out blacks”. It’s quite embarrassing that this is the daughter of dealership owner of Hoover Toyota.

Does he too share these emotions?

Where did Macknezie learn this hate from? The list of questions can go on, but ultimately we don’t have time to ponder. I hope others learn from this video and show that history can and will repeat itself if we don’t act in unity as a collective.