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FC Barcelona Player Kicks Soccer Ball Into Basketball Goal!

Most people will never be able to make a basketball shot from half court. For those that can, however, we highly doubt those same people can kick a soccer ball 35 yards (105 ft)  away into […]

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Bloom Blanket: Get Familiar With The Innovative Wool Blanket

With the design inspired by Japanese origami, “Bloom Blanket” creator Bianca Cheng Costanzo has been making a lot of headway on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Her profile has already gained 845 backers and $182,395 who pledged […]

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Abducted Girl Found In the Amazon?!

A 9 year old girl from Barcelona was reported missing about 7 months ago. According to The Local, the girl and her friend, who had also been abducted, were found in Bolivia’s Cochabamba region. “After […]