Abducted Girl Found In the Amazon?!

A 9 year old girl from Barcelona was reported missing about 7 months ago. According to The Local, the girl and her friend, who had also been abducted, were found in Bolivia’s Cochabamba region.

“After seven months, police found the pair in a remote part of Bolivia’s Cochabamba region.

They were hidden away deep inside Bolivia’s Amazon rainforest in a terrain barely reachable by car, Catalan daily La Vanguardia reported on Tuesday.

The alleged kidnapper, 35-year-old Grover Morales, faces charges of human trafficking and sexual abuse, Bolivian press are reporting.

He told local television stations he had permission from the girl’s parents to marry her as he was a Muslim convert.

The girl has undergone medical and psychological tests in the city of Cochabamba and will be travelling to Spain soon to be reunited with her parents.

A judge will release more information in coming days.” – The Local

The world is clearly growing ill-minded and sick. How can a grown man justify his actions of abducting a little girl?! Let alone, how can someone feel comfortable doing something that can potentially cause psychological problems for someone like this little girl in the future.