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Once Bought For $56M, Jay-Z’s Tidal Now Worth $600M!

“Im not a businessman, I’m a BUSINESS, man”. These said words were  from none other than Jay-Z himself, and they appropriately still hold true to this day. Once criticized for trying to rival Apple Music […]

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Do Debt Services Profit From The $1.2 Trillion Student-Loan Industrial Complex?

  Recently an informative article about the pipeline economic system of how federal student loans inevitably create federal budget spending for student-debt services was published on  Bloomberg Business. In the article, Janet Lorin explains the […]

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Meet Kevin Miller: Co-Founder of The GO Project

    Today we’re excited to showcase one of the most innovative and inspiring start-ups featured on our blog; The GO Project . Co-founded by a tenacious young man by the name of Kevin Miller, The GO […]

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The Magic in ‘Dollar Store’ Business Models

We recently highlighted Dollar Tree’s major acquisition of Family Dollar, in an attempt to gain greater market share away from industry giant Wal-Mart. However, there is a savvy lesson to be taken away from the Dollar Store […]

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Former Goldman Sachs Member Rajat Gupta Goes to Prison, Still Owes $13.5M

Former Goldman Sachs board member,Rajat Gupta, began serving his jail time yesterday for inside trading. Rajat Gupta also lost in Civil Court a $13.5 Million settlement. Talk about a rough day for the former Goldman […]

David Stern’s last gift to Adam Silver and the NBA owners

In 1981 Donald T. Sterling (Born Donald Tokowitz) acquired the San Diego Clippers for a meager $12.5 million.  At this time the Clippers were notoriously known for bad basketball, poorly attended games (Less than 4,400 per […]