Once Bought For $56M, Jay-Z’s Tidal Now Worth $600M!

“Im not a businessman, I’m a BUSINESS, man”. These said words were  from none other than Jay-Z himself, and they appropriately still hold true to this day. Once criticized for trying to rival Apple Music with the acquisition of Tidal, Jay-Z has now turned around Tidal’s falling brand into a lucrative music platform that now consistently hosts exclusive album releases and concerts for users to enjoy. Back in 2015 Jay-Z purchased Tidal from Swedish parent company Aspiro for $56 Million. Two years later, Sprint has offered $200 Million (roughly 33% of Tidal) to ensure that 45 million Sprint callers have access to Tidal with the purchase of a Sprint phone plan.

Moral of this story: forget listening to the skeptics, if you see the potential for an investment, buy it and show people it’s worth by flipping it for a better ROI ( return of investment).