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Republicans Are Now The Majority In The House & Senate, What Does This Mean For Americans?

Last night in a historic fashion, Republicans swept the nation in statewide and local midterm elections. For the Senate race, Republicans gained 7 seats  by winning respectively in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Montana, North Carolina, South […]

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Courageous: 9 Year Old Girl Shaves Her Head to Help Friend Diagnosed With Cancer

  A 9 year old girl from Colorado is recently back in school after previously getting removed by school officials for shaving her head. According to Fox News, Kamryn (the 9 year old girl) shaved her head for […]

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Colorado Collects $2M in Recreational Pot Taxes In January, 1st Month of Sales.

In what has been deemed “the first recreational accounting for recreational pot”, Colorado has reportedly collected $2M from taxes of a $14.02M gain. “The tax total reported Monday by the state Department of Revenue indicates […]

Colorado | Marijuana Taxation Exceeds Original Hopes

Colorado has officially exceeded their estimated revenue gains from the taxation on recreational marijuana. Retail for recreational marijuana in the state began January 1st with a 12.9 percent sales tax. The state estimated revenue of $70 […]

President Obama Speaks On Marijuana Usage.

During an interview with the New Yorker last Friday, President Obama deemed marijuana as a ‘bad habit and a vice,’ but not as dangerous as the various alcoholic beverages people regularly consume.  The timing of […]