President Obama Speaks On Marijuana Usage.

article-2159095-1395621C000005DC-567_634x731During an interview with the New Yorker last Friday, President Obama deemed marijuana as a ‘bad habit and a vice,’ but not as dangerous as the various alcoholic beverages people regularly consume.  The timing of the President’s opinion on this popular topic could not have come at a better time for pro-legalization campaigns and users of marijuana.

The state of Washington and Colorado have been the forefront for examples of states allowing recreational usage. According to The Huffington Post the state of Colorado exceeded $5 Million in sales it’s first week when shops finally opened up to the public  New Years Day (January 1, 2014). Projected sales for the state of Colorado have been estimated to generate $600 Million annually. Moreover, $70 Million will go to the state after taxes. Though the aforementioned statistics were only estimated figures, these two states are well on their way to making a great amount of profit. Likewise, similar liberal states, such as New York, Florida, and California have been showing tendencies to soon follow the same fate as Colorado and Washington.

What does this mean?

Essentially, this could cause citizens to take a more liberal approach when selecting congressional and senatorial candidates. Also, it might even promote citizens to vote, when compared to those who usually don’t. From a judicial stand point, laws  that usually have placed young men and women in local county courts and jails will now have to adjust their laws in which many people will be spared.

(Denver, CO citizens wait in line, in the snow, before the opening of a recreational shop is ready for business)

President Obama who admitted to smoking marijuana as ” a youth up until a big chunk of his adult life”, also admits that legalizing marijuana is not an entity to resolve all problems. Regardless of the President’s notion, 58% of American citizens believe the drug should be legalized according to Moreover, in a nation where the cliche mantra “money talks” is prevalent through out all of society, many states may very well see legalization of recreational use within it’s respective state before the year 2014 is over.