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U.S. Oil Trades At Negative Rates In Historic Drop

While news stations and other forms of media will state how bad of a week investors took a hit due to oil’s historic crash, it should be noted that in various financial industries many investors are making […]

30% Drop In Oil Prices & Growing Concern Of Coronavirus Foreshadow Economic Crash

“Stock Market Crash 2020-Oil Prices Drop 30% . Oil markets fell the most since 1991 after the disintegration of the OPEC+ alliance looks set to trigger an all-out price-war. Crude futures dropped almost 30% seconds […]

Ripple Releases New Commercial “Global Payments For All”

Ripple (XRP) has been one of the highest backed cryptocurrencies since it’s inception. The financial cross-payment system aims to connect with financial lenders (banks, loan markets, etc) to make receiving/sending payments a lot faster. Check […]

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Billionaire George Soros To Begin Trading Cryptocurrencies!

Funny how the same billionaire and bank CEOs who once deemed cryptocurrencies “a bubble” are now subtly moving into the realm of blockchain. Today, it was announced that investor and philanthropist George Soros will finally […]

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Estimated Worth of $90 Billion, Jeff Bezos Fluctuates As ‘World’s Richest Man’

Earlier Thursday morning, reports stated that Jeff Bezos surpassed Bill Gates as the ‘Worlds Richest Man’ as Amazon’s shares closed with a recent surge of profits Wednesday afternoon. Hours later Jeff Bezos fell back to second […]