Billionaire George Soros To Begin Trading Cryptocurrencies!

Funny how the same billionaire and bank CEOs who once deemed cryptocurrencies “a bubble” are now subtly moving into the realm of blockchain. Today, it was announced that investor and philanthropist George Soros will finally begin trading digital assets.

[Excerpt via CCN ]

– “The billionaire investors and business magnate won’t be trading them personally, of course, but Bloomberg reports that Adam Fisher — who runs Soros Fund Management’s macro investing operation — has secured internal approval to begin trading cryptoassets.

Fisher reportedly received the go-ahead to begin trading cryptocurrencies sometime during the last few months, which is notable given public statements Soros made about cryptoassets during the same period.

Soros was one of many prominent financiers to address cryptocurrencies as an asset class at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, and he did not strike an optimistic tone.

But though he denigrated Bitcoin as a bubble, he also argued that cryptocurrencies would not have a “very sharp break” as most asset bubbles do.”

We hope you aren’t still on the sideline with cryptos, the bull run is on the way!