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Bitcoin Crushes Previous All Time High Record, $25,000 Next!

It feels like 2017 all over again. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency which once started under $0.30 back in 2009 has now reached an all time high of $23,000 two days ago. This deflationary asset has […]

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NBA Guard Spencer Dinwiddie To Use $34M Contract To Convert Into Bitcoin

Since 2009, Bitcoin has been the face of the global cryptocurrency push and expansion. The blockchain based digital token is one that has fueled many conversations on it’s utilization and overall functionality within the financial […]

Facebook Introduces Their Own Cryptocurrency: Libra Coin

We knew it was only a matter of time before Facebook dove into the cryptocurrency realm. Mark Zuckerberg announced recently that Facebook will be launching Libra Coin a payment method to instantly send funds with […]

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Billionaire George Soros To Begin Trading Cryptocurrencies!

Funny how the same billionaire and bank CEOs who once deemed cryptocurrencies “a bubble” are now subtly moving into the realm of blockchain. Today, it was announced that investor and philanthropist George Soros will finally […]

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Great Samaritan Anonymously Donating $86M to Various Non-Profits!!

Something usually deemed as too good to be true has finally become more mainstream and it’s changing people’s lives for the better. That entity is Bitcoin.  Bitcoin was first introduced in 2010, and though by now you’ve […]

Blockchain: The Foundation of The Future [Video]

With BitCoin recently exceeding a worth of $6,000 USD, talks of cryptocurrency and block chain technology have been at an all time high. Check out the video entitled Blockchain The Foundation of The Future to learn how […]

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McLaren Now Accepts Bitcoin!

With Bitcoin on the verge of hitting $5,000 USD,  various companies are joining the impressive cryptocurrency wave by investing and accepting the coin for their respective products and services. One of the latest companies to […]