Money Man x Foul [Official Video]

One of the most consistent rappers in the game, Money Man has had quite a year. His release of Paranoia really set the tone for people who have been sleeping on him these past years.

As the BET Awards took place last week in Los Angeles, it was clear that Money Man’s recognition has been on an uptrend. Well deserved to say the least, the Grow God and his  BCF team have always paved their own way. In fact, Money Man is one of the very few artists who rap about cryptocurrency. A concept still understood by few, but an industry that will shake up the world. Needless to say, there are some people who wait for approval and there are others who just create. Therefore, as a rap fan and entrepreneur we can relate with Money Man on many levels.

Check out the video for Foul below, one of the singles of his last project Paranoia.