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Is NBEV the Leading Marijuana Stock to Watch?!

  Within the last few months, New Age Beverages Corporation (NBEV) has had quite a run (when looking at their investment and acquisition portfolio). The Denver based company last year was noted for acquiring Marley Beverage Company, […]

The Siddi People: a Lost African Tribe Still Living in India Today | Short Film Showcase

The word “Siddi” means  the enlightened one, but due to a caste system that sorts and distinguishes humans by the mere color of their skin, this native African tribe faces oppression every day. You see, just as in […]

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First Total Solar Eclipse To Display Over The U.S. Since 1979

Since 1979 the phenomena of a Total Solar Eclipse has been unseen by North Americans. This August 21st, 80’s babies through millennial born Americans will have their first chance to catch a glimpse of this […]

ReGen Villages Design

“The RegenVillages initiative is a model blueprint for industry, government, and academic action. The partnership seeks to accelerate the proliferation of affordable, integrated village designs that power and feed self-reliant communities thus tackling the challenges […]

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Founder Of North Face Douglas Tompkins Dies In Accident

After an unfortunate kayaking accident in Chile, Douglas Tompkins dies at the age of 72.  Despite not finishing Prep School, Tompkins began working on North Face as a young man, even opening a shop in […]

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Suan Kachamudee: Resort In Thailand

Designed by architect firm Sicart-Smith, Suan Kachamudee is a boutique resort that lies in the hills of Thailand. What we like particularly about this design is that it utilizes nature (the sea,  granite rocks, and trees) […]

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Death Toll Reaches 800 Due To Indian Heat Wave (122 F)

A sweltering Heat Wave sweeping through Southern India has left 800 dead after temperatures neared 122 F. Many Indians are forced to work in these extreme conditions to provide for their family. In fact, many […]