Founder Of North Face Douglas Tompkins Dies In Accident

After an unfortunate kayaking accident in Chile, Douglas Tompkins dies at the age of 72.  Despite not finishing Prep School, Tompkins began working on North Face as a young man, even opening a shop in San Francisco in 1966. In the year 2000, Tompkins sold North Face to VF Corporations. This decision allowed Doug to concentrate fully on environment conservation where he founded the Foundation Of Deep Ecology.

Excerpt from Deep Ecology:

–“By the late 1980s Tompkins saw how the consumer culture that he’d helped promote as a businessman was another destructive manifestation of an industrial growth economy toxic to nature. He decided to sell his stake in the fashion company Esprit that he’d co-founded, and to use his wealth to endow an environmental foundation with an activist orientation.”–

According to NPR, Tompkins next project was to build more parks in Chile and Argentina to serve as national nature preservations. And though he passed away, Douglas Tomkins’ founding of North Face as well as his legacy to sustain life and nature will never be forgotten.