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Coinbase IPO is a huge development for Bitcoin, here’s why…

In the past year alone, we have experienced a pandemic, countless Zoom calls,  Fraud schemes, and plenty of stimulus checks. All throughout this time the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has been recklessly printing money so […]

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Lyft Set To Become First Rideshare Company to File IPO

Lyft and Uber have grown globally to mass adoption in the emerging media market. Though both platforms have had their own trials and scandals; ultimately both companies have been very popular for millennials. Lyft has […]

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Michael Lewis: Stock Markets Are Rigged

Author of the recently published book, Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, Michael Lewis, was on CBS’ 60 Minutes for claims against Wall Street. On 60 Minutes last Sunday, Lewis stated, “They are able to identify your […]