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President Biden Signs 30 Executive Orders Within Three Days

Newly elected president Joe Biden wasted no time reversing many federal Executive Orders ,many of which were previously signed under Trump, during his first week in office. The majority of Biden’s Executive Orders placed a […]

Republicans Block Attempt To Pass $2,000 Stimulus Check

A few days ago Congress finally agreed to a new $900B stimulus bill to serve as relief for American citizens and their businesses. The new stimulus bill stated that American citizens would receive a direct […]

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US Gov Loans Kodak $765M To Create Medicine, Stock Soars Over 1500% In One Day!

Just a day before the largest tech companies release their quarterly earnings, Kodak sporadically surfaced in the news after acquiring a $765 Million loan from the United States government. The loan was given to facilitate […]

US State Department Orders Chinese Consulate to Close Immediately!

With tensions already high due to a recent trade war, sanctions, and theories of how Covid-19 has spread, Chinese/US relations have recently taken another blow. Yesterday, the US announced that they would abruptly be closing […]

Paul Manafort Released Very Early From Jail

If things didn’t seem crooked enough after Michael Flynn and aide Paul Manafort were sentenced to prison in 2018, wait till you find out why both Michael Flynn (being considered) and Paul Manafort are released […]

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Canadian University Is Offering $60,000 Scholarships For DACA Students!

Sometimes when one door closes, another one opens. Fortunately, due to some very supportive Canadians, this saying holds true for some DACA students looking to find alternatives to continue their schooling in North America. DACA […]

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U.S. Contractor Charged With Leaking Documents About Presidential Election Hacking!

Today, the U.S. Department of Justice filed charges against 25 year old Reality Leigh Winner for allegedly leaking important documents from a Georgia facility to a local news agency. The documents are said to disclose […]