Republicans Block Attempt To Pass $2,000 Stimulus Check

A few days ago Congress finally agreed to a new $900B stimulus bill to serve as relief for American citizens and their businesses. The new stimulus bill stated that American citizens would receive a direct deposit of up to $600 ($600 less than what was previously dispersed in March). 

Shortly after the new bill was announced president Trump held a press conference to announce that he would Veto the current bill stating ” American citizens need at least $2,000 per person”. In conjunction with Trump’s dismay for the bill,  the omnibus bill that was pushed alongside the stimulus bill raised major concerns. As a result,  Congress amended the current bill to $2,000 per American citizen. What wasn’t amended, however, was the omnibus bill that required a hefty load of American tax payers money. 

Here’s a breakdown to the omnibus bills Congress previously agreed to pass:

As a result, the Republicans in the House blocked the newly revised bill addressing their concern to foreign aid and the newly revised amount of $2,000 per American citizen.

It’s unfortunate that when Dems and Republicans bicker over financial relief it’s the American citizen who may end up missing out all together. Let us know your thoughts below!