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HBO: “Charlottesville Race and Terror” x Vice News [Video]

A few days ago, the world witnessed another example of current race relations in America. And though many people were surprised by the collective union of white supremacist (nazis, KKK, etc.) rallying on the campus […]

Dashcam Footage Of Philando Castile’s Murder Released

This is truly an outrage. Minnesota officer Jeronimo Yanez stated that he “feared for his life” after  being questioned for shooting Philando Castile. After watching this video and so many others, it’s obvious the only […]

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After Being Murdered Via Hate Crime, Father Accepts Richard Collins III Degree During Graduation

Just days after being commissioned as second Lieutenant, Richard Collins III was set to graduate from Bowie State University May 24, 2017. Unfortunately, for the accomplished young man, that day never came. On May 20th, […]

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Donald Trump Attempts To Shun Colin Kaepernick Despite Recent Philanthropy!

Due to Trump’s low approval ratings, the president has taken on a campaign-like rally across the United States to prove just how much the American people adore him. Today, the president landed in Louisville, Kentucky to talk about […]

BBC: “How Did a 13 Year Old Become A Murderer?”

From time to time we like to check out international news via BBC.com. To no surprise, the British Broadcasting Corporation tends to highlight negative news happening in the United States. One of the biggest issues […]