After Being Murdered Via Hate Crime, Father Accepts Richard Collins III Degree During Graduation

Just days after being commissioned as second Lieutenant, Richard Collins III was set to graduate from Bowie State University May 24, 2017. Unfortunately, for the accomplished young man, that day never came. On May 20th, “Alt-Reich Nation” member Sean Urbanski ( 22yr) stabbed Richard Collins III with a knife while he and his friends waited for an Uber ride to arrive on the University of Maryland’s campus. Collins, a member of Bowie State University, was said to have bee approached by racist Sean Urbanski with an eerie command of ” Step left, step left if you know what’s best for you.” Urbanski was a member of University of Maryland and was said to be in a group of 120+ members in the obvious “Alt-Reich Nation” Facebook hate group.

“Richard Collins III’s graduation gown draped over front row chairs at Bowie State University ceremony” (Neal Augenstein/WTOP via AP)

As much as I would like to be surprised by last week’s actions, this growing trend of open racism has increased ever since Trump has gotten into office. In fact this year alone we have seen a growing number of hate crimes on the rise.

See videos below:

You see the problem is that this perpetuating hate has never left this country (which was coincidentally founded upon hate and murder). And now, due to this past election and a culmination of societal changes, a lot of individuals in this country feel that this is solely their country (whatever that fucking means)  and as a result the growing number of hate crimes continues to rise.

Ask yourself, are you helping counter this type of hateful society or are you someone who perpetuates it? Remember, hate is something that is taught and not something any individual is born with. Anyone who hates someone due to the color of their skin or religion is merely a coward who struggles with various insecurities. The result of these hate crimes as the ones aforementioned inevitably leads to more hate in situations like these and now in 2017 we currently are facing Pandora’s box.

Wake up America..