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President Biden Signs 30 Executive Orders Within Three Days

Newly elected president Joe Biden wasted no time reversing many federal Executive Orders ,many of which were previously signed under Trump, during his first week in office. The majority of Biden’s Executive Orders placed a […]

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SEC Charges Elon Musk (CEO Of TESLA) For Fraud

It’s been a series of mixed emotions this year for Elon Musk and the TESLA team. Today, the tech company faced it’s biggest problem yet as the SEC publicly announced that Elon Musk was charged […]

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A Message To All NFL Owners: F*ck Yo Apologies, We Don’t Believe You!

  At a senatorial rally taking place in Alabama last Friday, Donald Trump decided that it was smart to pour alcohol on an open wound, which essentially will continue to divide America at a rapid […]

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Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey Charged With Prostitution With Minor Boy

Oklahoma law maker Ralph Shortey was recently charged with prostitution with a minor after the state representative was found in a motel with a young boy. Ralph Shortey happens to have been Trump’s primary official during […]

Trump Protesters Set Limo Ablaze & Destroy Starbucks Shop To Show Anti-Support Of Presidency!

Yesterday’s Inauguration marked the turning of a new leaf in America as Donald J. Trump became America’s 45th president. For obvious reasons leading up to the campaign and post the election in November, many people […]

Many Mourn, Many Celebrate The Death Of Fidel Castro

Shown below are two different reactions to the death of Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. Castro, who died at the age of 90, was known for his unconditional love for his country which led to […]