A Message To All NFL Owners: F*ck Yo Apologies, We Don’t Believe You!


At a senatorial rally taking place in Alabama last Friday, Donald Trump decided that it was smart to pour alcohol on an open wound, which essentially will continue to divide America at a rapid rate. This open wound is the growing division of fans from the NFL. The division comes as a result of athletes who have taken a knee to voice their concerns over the countless police brutalities taken place in America. This knee was first taken by Colin Kaepernick over a year ago, and throughout all of the hatred comments spewed and shunning of Colin, a year later we are witnessing something great about to happen; the unification of athletes.

Not only did Trump’s hateful speech invigorate NFL players, Trump’s hateful speech invigorated many celebrities and athletes of all sports to voice their concerns to stand in unification.

So keep in mind, no NFL Owner denounced Trump’s hateful speeches in the past year. In fact, owners collectively decided that Colin Kaepernick shouldn’t play in the league anymore for his actions. Yes, a professional athlete that stands up for his people is considered a problem. Robert Kraft and other NFL owners donated millions to Trump’s campaign. So why are they all of a sudden speaking out now? What has changed so drastically that they must “condemn” their dear billionaire friend Donald Trump?


With the never ending exposure of social media, NFL owners are getting a very tangible response that the time for NFL players to unite is imminent and that’s not good for NFL business.


So Mr. Kraft and Roger Goodell, please save your rhetoric. You never gave a fuck about what Trump said, all you care about is your pockets dwindling by NFL ratings going down and stadiums not being filled. The time has come when the world will see what type of leverage black athletes have in a country that doesn’t respect black bodies as normal citizens. Despite not watching any NFL games, we are looking forward to what’s in store for NFL players utilizing their platform to kneel during the national anthem. Let us know what you think about this situation below!